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Becoming a victim of serious crime far away from home can be a hugely distressing event.


Not only are you faced with the trauma of the incident itself, you may find yourself or your loved one hospitalised many miles away, with daily bills mounting, facing a justice system far removed from our own, and a myriad of other distressing factors.


Where travel insurance wasn't taken out or is invalidated, astronomical costs can be incurred. We have several ways to reduce this burden either by public fundraising, discrete funding or grant funding access, as well as direct liaison with insurers and travel partners.


It would be impossible to list here the support we can provide for every serious crime type, but we have experience of many violent crime cases, including serious sexual assault, abduction and kidnap, terrorist hostage taking, assault, abuse and many more.


We have several key partners who offer support here in the UK for specific crime survivors and we work closely with these to ensure the best and most appropriate support is offered. We have key advisors working with us who have either many years professional service leading their respective fields or who have been on the other side, as a victim or victim's family.


We can put you in touch with someone who really can understand how you feel, who knows what you are facing.


All the support listed at the bottom of the Death Abroad page is available here too, along with more type specific support. Contact us with as much information as you can and we will quickly respond and work with you to provide the best support possible for you.

"I can't thank Matt and the team enough at LBT. Without their help and support we couldn't have got through this. We will be eternally grateful."

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