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Alexander Hodgson-Doughty

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

11th September 2022 - Jacksonville, Florida / Kingsland, Georgia - USA

30 year old Alexander was last confirmed location was at Bay Street Bar and Grill, 119 East Bay Street, Jacksonville, Florida at around 3.30pm on Sunday 11th September.

He then got into a taxi which dropped him in Kingsland, Georgia at around 4.30pm. He has not been seen since.

Alexander is 6ft 4ins (193cm) tall and of medium to stocky build. He has short blonde/sandy-coloured hair and green eyes.

Alexander may be vulnerable and his family are extremely concerned for his safety.

Do you have any information?

LBT Global +44 1983 718802 Option 9 Information Hotline +44800 098 8485 (Free in the UK. May be charged from overseas. Please check with your provider). WhatsApp +44 7543 166 561 Email

You do not have to leave your name. All information will be passed to the relevant authorities.


I live in Kingsland ga and heard about this but it was recently that the authority here has been doing a lot more investigation in the past two weeks and I was looking at Facebook and I looked up his name and noticed that there was a lot of name but there are a few that I checked them out that sounded like that a one point they belong to him and matches the profile of his original one... And the one that came to my attention is a profile of a picture of a place where it was like in a mountain setting and a long trail with a bunch of people walk like the great wall of china…


Alison Smith
Alison Smith
Nov 13, 2022

Unfortunately we originally got the timeline wrong. We calculate that Alexander was dropped in Kingsland, Georgia at approximately 4.30pm on Sunday September 11. US police have spoken to the Uber driver, who says he dropped Alexander in the car lot of Carquest Auto Parts, close to the I-95 junction.

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