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Adrian Burrows

October 1st 2012 - Budapest, Hungary.

Adrian travelled to Hungary in Autumn 2011 and up until September 2012 was regularly contacting his family. At this point all contact ceased.

Information we have suggests that Adrian may have travelled around Europe but can last be placed back in Budapest in November 2013.

Adrian is approximately 172cm (around 5ft 6ins) tall with brown hair and brown eyes. he wears spectacles and at last sighting was of medium build and his hairline was receding.

Adrian's family are increasingly concerned for his welfare and just want to know he is alive and well. Adrian is vulnerable through mental health.

If you see Adrian, we would ask you not to approach him but to instead report the sighting to us and/or the local authorities.

Do you have any information?

From the UK you can call our freephone recorded intelligence line on 0800 098 8485. Calls are free from landlines but may be charged from mobiles. You do not need to leave your name.

From overseas you can call +44800 098 8485 but this will incur costs. Please check before you call.

Alternatively you may prefer to email any information to

All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.


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