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Oliver Hall

Oliver completed a five year International Erasmus degree which saw stints in France at the prestigious Institut Universitaire de Technologie and work for the European Comission in Brussels. Oliver also worked at the renowned European Trusts, Corporate Foundation & Charities Centre in Brussels before completing his twin UK and French degrees in International Business, Marketing, Finance and Law at Lincoln University. Oliver emigrated to Holland to start his professional career, going on to live in Switzerland, France, The Netherlands and Belgium and working across more than seventy countries during his career so far. Oliver is trilingual in English, French and Dutch.

At Cannondale / Nike Apparel in Holland, Oliver began his career in luxury wholesale before becoming the youngest group General Manager at the market leading Gassan Diamonds & Swiss Watches Group, based in Amsterdam. As one of Europe’s leading Rolex, Richemont, Swatch Group, LVMH and Kering group retailers, jewellery manufacturer, diamond cutting house and more, Oliver learned his trade within the luxury and lifestyle sector at Gassan. He contributed heavily to their businesses in Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, New York, London, Heathrow, Schiphol and Changi among others.

Following promotion to Director of the UK Gassan retail subsidiary, Oliver was recommended by Cartier and IWC management to direct the Baume & Mercier wholesale watch brand. Oliver went on to secure an EMEAR role at Fender Music – the market leading instrument, apparel, lifestyle and music company based in Los Angeles, before landing his global mandate for the Omani market-leading niche fragrance brand, Amouage. He continued his career with N.E.D. roles for Never Ever Media Ltd and The Lucie Blackman Trust Ltd, before emigrating to Bahrain and taking the reins of the Hundlur Group as Global Managing Director and CEO of Nuun Official watches, in 2021.

Oliver is an expert in both retail and wholesale, has worked equally in startups, SME and large-cap corporate and has held positions in Marketing, Sales and Financial Management up to corporate level across the globe. Oliver is a family man, a keen musician and multi-instrumentalist, he enjoys the outdoors, the arts, sport and international cuisine. 

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