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Non-British missing


We frequently get asked if we can assist those families who have a missing person overseas but who don't hold a British passport.


We would love to provide the exact same services we do to these families but sadly it isn't possible. The only reasons for this are financial - we simply don't have the funding to do it - and logistical - we have built up valuable partnerships with the British government and authorities and this enables us to deliver the diverse range of support we do.


But we don't just close the doors and say 'no'.


We do have partnerships with similar organisations in different countries that could help. We work with cross-world social media groups that run campaigns. Check our links page fpr some of these.


We will provide advice where we can.


If the missing person is normally resident in the UK, but not a British Citizen, then help can be sought through their Embassy.


Contact details of all Foreign embassies in the UK can be found through the London Diplomatic List - available here - and they can be called and asked for support.


We advise using the Diplomatic List rather than commercial websites about embassies - these are sometimes out of date or incorrect.


The local police should still be called and most of the advice given in our missing persons section still applies.

Missing in the UK


Our missing persons support is there for cases where a person who is normally reside in the United Kingdom (or its overseas territories) and who has gone missing whilst travelling away from home.


In cases where a person is missing within the UK, regardless of nationality, our partners at Missing People provide a valuable range of services.


We work closely with them on a number of policy issues, an example of which was our close working partnership on the Presumption of Death Act 2013.


We refer cases of UK missing persons to them - and they refer to us all cases where a person is missing overseas.


Visit their website here.

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