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A reward of €10,000 is being offered by the family of missing Jean TIGHE, in return for information leading to the recovery of Jean. If you have any information please submit by email to or by calling +44 (0) 1983 718802


This reward will be paid to any person who provides verifiable information.







The reward is subject to the following terms and conditions.


  • Total anonymity cannot be guaranteed, however if you wish to remain anonymous LBT Global may be able to keep your identity private. Identity will need to be proved internally in order to arrange payment., however this information will not be shared. In these cases, your identity will only be known to LBT Global and destroyed securely after 3 years.


  • No cash payments will be made – payment will need to be deposited by bank transfer to a nominated account. In some circumstances western Union transfer may be considered.


  • All information will be verified through a strict process. You should expect this to take in excess of 90 working days. No payment will be made before this process is completed.


  • Rewards paid may be one lump sum or several singular rewards to different persons. This is at LBT Global’s discretion. There is no guaranteed fixed amount.


  • The total reward funds available are €10,000


  • Information will be verified with law enforcement agencies both in the UK and overseas.

Jean Tighe Appeal

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