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LBT Global can offer a wealth of support to the families of missing persons, from co-ordinating International searches to simply being someone to talk to.


Many people just want to talk to someone who has 'been there', someone who understands what they are going through. We can put you in touch with people just like you, people who understand how you feel better than anyone.


You might want to fly immediately to the area to start searching - a perfectly reasonable wish. We'll talk through this with you, and if you want to go, we'll try and get you discounted, (sometimes free), flights, and we'll try and get them for you as soon as you are packed. We'll take care of visas and medical requirements as much as we can too so you can concentrate on what you need to.


Whatever it is you need, we will probably be able to help. If we can't we'll try our best to find you someone who can. All of these services are provided free of charge. 


We try to anticipate your needs before you know what they are. Once we went shopping to make sure one family had flight socks and toothpaste before we took them to Heathrow for a flight. But if we haven't thought of something you need please do ask.

LBT Global was created to help. All the services listed, we have already provided to thousands of families, so you can rest assured that we know what you are going through.


At the beginning of an ordeal like this it is very easy to assume the worst, and reading the section on the worst case scenarios won't have made this any easier, though it needs to be there. However, in all of our cases so far the vast majority have ended up with a happy ending, and we have attended numerous emotional reunions at Heathrow.


Many cases get solved within a few days.


But whatever your situation now, the dedicated team at LBT Global are here to help - right when you need us. 

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