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This is the case of Tanisha, who was subjected to horrifying abuse by her own family.

Tanisha was part of a large family whose cultural and religious beliefs led them to arrange her marriage. This was a forced marriage as Tanisha did not want to marry the man chosen for her, and she voiced her objections to her family.

Her family took her to the family home in Pakistan, ostensibly for a family reunion. However when they arrived, Tanisha’s parents left her and immediately returned to London.

Tanisha was stripped and locked in a bedroom with just a bucket to use as a toilet. A small window to the hall was used to pass her meagre food and water supplies.

The following morning her Uncle beat her for a sustained period, telling her she had to learn some respect. She was locked up again afterwards.

The beatings continued for six days. On the seventh day she was brutally raped by her Uncle. She was left naked and bleeding.

Tanisha was forced to clean the family house in the weeks after this initial ordeal, each day starting with a beating. She had no tools or equipment, and was made to clean with her bare hands. If it wasn’t good enough, she was forced into sexual acts, or beaten, or both.

One day, several weeks after being taken to Pakistan she found a mobile phone hidden away in a disused bedroom. She took a charger from a drawer in another part of the house and covertly charged the phone.


Tanisha’s family were very well connected with local law enforcement agencies, so Tanisha felt unable to call for help from police or any other authorities. She found details of LBT Global online and sent a message to us saying she was being held against her will.

Our Chief Executive Matthew took the message and found out the horror of her imprisonment. He kept in regular communication and gained her trust.

Initially she just wanted someone just to talk to, but over time came round to the idea of escape. She had no idea where she was, but Matthew led her through how to identify her location through Google maps. A plan was then put in place.

Together they worked out what time the house would be empty, and having established a relationship with a trusted women’s refuge, they deployed a staff member to meet her close to the house. This person was thoroughly vetted by LBT Global and partners before the operation commenced.

We trialled her escape over two days where Tanisha didn’t leave but checked it was possible and safe. On the third day she successfully fled the house and met with our contact. She was taken to a safe refuge, given immediate medical attention and fast tracked out of Pakistan.

From there she moved to another country where she received a new identity and comprehensive support.

Tanisha escaped a life of torture, abuse and misery. 


We are proud to say we were instrumental in saving Tanisha’s life. Tanisha has expressed her eternal gratitude to LBT Global.

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